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Farm Insurance

Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency will work with you closely to understand your needs and make sure you’re properly protected.

We know the ins and outs of insurance.

Top Farm Insurance Agency In North East Ohio

America is built on farming. Our nation's agricultural industry keeps our communities strong and helps us grow. At Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency, we recognize the importance of protecting your farm. It's not just a job, it's your life.

Since 1915, we have proudly served farms throughout Garrettsville, Hiram, Windham, Mantua, and Portage County, Ohio. We take every client's farm personally, and work with them to craft personalized insurance policies that offer the highest level of protection for the best price. 

After all, you're not just a customer. For us, you're like family. 

You can expect professional, friendly service with agents who have more than 65 years of combined experience to support you and your farm. We invite you to learn about the coverages we offer, and how we can help you take care of your property.

The Basic Of Farm Insurance

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Home and Contents Coverage

Similar to homeowners' policies, most farm insurance policies are built to cover your home and personal belongings. This is due to the fact that farm policies were crafted around the concepts of traditional farms. Where the farmer would tend to the land surrounding the house, leveraging that property to raise animals and produce crops. 

Now, if your farm isn't right next to your home, no worries. This is something our team can address and exclude this coverage from your policy. That is the benefit of working with a top-in-class agency. ensuring you have the perfect coverage for your unique situation. 

Farm Outbuildings Coverage

Farm ourbuildings Coverage is regarded as the most important coverage on your policy. This is built to proctect the buildings where all of the magic hapens, where you store your equipment, and house your livestock. Whether it is a simple storage building, barn where you store your equipment and tractors, keep the cattle and horses. These are things that may be covered with this section. 

When working with our team we will make sure you have the coverage needed for each of these buildings. Things such as age and condition of the building may affect the type of coverage.

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Farm Machinery Coverage

This type of coverage will is built to protect the vehicles you use everyday to maintain your farm. Such as tractors, trailers, skid-stears, combines and similar types of machinery. 

Typically farm machinery coverage is based on the value of that specific piece of equipment, not necessarily the replacement cost.


Meaning that this will need to be updated each year. 

We know how vital farm machinery is to a running a successful farm. Being said, we are very adament on making sure that you have the right coverage for you year in and year out. as you buy new equipment get rid of old... make sure that you are protected! 

Farmer's Liability Coverage

If you dont have this on your current policy you may want to look at adding it As Soon As Possible. This coverage protects you from the instance if someone was to get hurt on your farm that wasnt a hired hand. For example if you had the rep from a local tractor store come out to talk about getting you in one of their new tractors, but while he was on your farm he slipped in your barn. If that rep decided to sue, Farmer's liability coverage would help cover that.


While this protection is on the top of our must have list form our farmers, the best part is - typically this is the lease expensive aspect of your policy. 

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Dwelling Coverages for Farm Owners

Dwelling coverage protects your home after it sustains damage in a fire, flood, or other disaster. It’s a security blanket you can count on if anything ever happens to your home or other facilities on your property. 


Your dwelling is where you reside on your farm. It’s the home you live in, where your family grows, and where you spend all of your time off the job. It houses the most important people in your life, so it deserves only the best protection. Dwelling coverage makes sure that you have protection to rebuild after your property sustains physical damages.

Personal Liability

If someone is ever injured on your property, personal liability protects you from financial damages. You’ll have the coverage needed to compensate them for any harm, without compromising your own security. 

Guaranteed Home Replacement

We fully cover the cost of replacing a home if the damage exceeds your policy’s limits. This add-on gives you peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, your farm is protected, and it will  always be restored to its former glory if it’s ever destroyed or seriously damaged. 

Personal Property

Protecting your belongings is just as important as protecting your home itself. With personal property dwellings coverage, you’ll know that any physical damages to property that are damaged or lost in an accident, theft, or other incident are covered. 

Protect Your Farm Now!

Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency will work with you closely to understand your needs and make sure you’re properly protected.

Farm Insurance Coverages

Once you've protected your home, it's time to insure your business. Farmers combine their life and work into one space, which means they need well-rounded insurance policies to cover every aspect of their business.

We offer comprehensive insurance for farms that covers everything from unexpected damages to income loss. 

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a type of coverage that covers lost wages for employees who are injured on the job and unable to work. 

Intake Of Foreign Objects

Accidents happen, but they can cost you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs or replacements for farming equipment. If your machinery ever intakes something it shouldn't, this policy protects your expenses, so you can get back to work ASAP.

Crop Insurance

In the event of a natural disaster or a loss of revenue due to the economy's impact on agricultural products, your crop insurance will help you recover money you've invested into your produce, fruit, grains, and other plantables.

Farm Building Coverage

Any farming building you use can be protected by the right farm building coverage policy. These plans keep your farm's facilities insured against any damages such as fire, floods, lightning, and collisions. 

Land Leased or Rented Land for Farming

Leasing or renting land for a farm comes with all the same risks as owning your own property. Before you can safely operate on rented land, you'll need the right coverage to protect your business against any risks. That's where our land leased or rented land farming insurance comes in. 

Farm Trucking

From tractors to balers and beyond, our farm trucking coverage ensures the vehicles that power your business every day are protected. Coverage includes both repairs from damages as well as replacements of vehicles in some cases.

Farm Liability Insurance

To protect your farm against lawsuits, you need the right farm liability insurance. This policy protects your business if any of its activities or your property result in harm or injury to a member of the public. 

Farm Income and Extra Expense

Sometimes, external circumstances impact your farm's profitability. You may not always see these threats coming, but their effect can have a devastating impact on your business. 

Protecting your farm and your financial welfare requires the right farm income and extra expense insurance. You can get reimbursed for extra costs, or supplement lost income through this policy.

Farm Equipment Breakdown

When your equipment breaks down, your farm comes to a halt as well. Minimize downtime, recover expenses, and quickly get your essential tools back up and running with our farm equipment breakdown coverage. Our comprehensive packages can be customized to fit both your needs and your budget.

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Your Trusted Northeast Ohio Farm Insurance Provider

At Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency, we're here for you and your farm. We make sure you fully understand all the options available to protect your business and home, all while ensuring you get the best deal for your budget.  

Our goal is to give you the extra piece of mind you need, and we're with you every step of the way.

Please reach out to one of our local agents to learn more about our policies, and get a free estimate from one of our farming insurance experts.

Who is Farm Insurance For?

Farm Insurance is made to fit any farm and farmer. Regardless of what you do, We will help carefully craft the perfect farm insurance policy for you.

Grow corn and countless other types of agriculture? Ellerhorst Russell Insurance can help with that. Even if you have a small hobby farm around your home. There is a farm policy for you.

Dairy farmer? Have a small ranch where you raise show horses or raise goats? We have an insurance product to get you covered.

No matter what your farm looks like, we can custom-tailor a policy to fit your needs, and cover your equipment and buildings, while keeping you safe from liability claims.

How Do I Get A Quote?

Ellerhorst Russell Insurance agency will work with you closely to understand your needs and make sure you’re properly protected.

Do You Have The Right Farm Insurance?

At Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency, We Take The Time To Make Sure You Have The Coverage You Need

You may have farm insurance currently, but are you 100% positive that it is the coverage your need? We often see horror stories firsthand of someone not having the coverage they need or finding out that a local farmer has been paying thousands more than they needed to with unnecessary farm insurance. 

The right policy will make sure you are covered where it is most important and help protect you against the unknown. But, what if you have gaps and are missing protection? Well, that is where our team comes in and makes sure we take the time to understand your exact situation and get you the coverage you need. 

If you have any questions about your current coverage, the best thing you can do is reach our to one of our agents at Ellerhorst Russell Insurance LLC. we are experts when it comes to farm insurance and can make sure you have all the coverage you need. 

Farm Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

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