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Carlton Farm Produce | Local - Fresh - Delicious

As we continue to focus on local businesses, this week we would like to recognize a 4th and 5th generation farm in our local community.

Carlton Farm Produce was established in 1825 and located at 3486 Pioneer Trail in Mantua. The farm is currently owned and operated by 4th generation Phil and his son, the 5th generation family member, Jason Carlton.

As with all farms it can be a challenging but rewarding way of life. In 1985 the Carlton’s made the decision to transition from an animal and livestock farm to a produce farm. Since evolving from dairy cows, the farm is now actively growing corn, soybeans, hay, wheat, and straw. Most seasonal crops are planted in late spring with harvest starting in early fall. If weather permits, the Carlton’s are able to harvest into winter.

A unique way that the farm operates is by wholesaling pumpkins and corn stalks during the fall. Carlton Farm Produce is growing 15 different ty

pes of pumpkins, including white ones, with gourds, ornamentals, and Indian corn, as well as bales of hay and straws.

When you’re out shopping for your Halloween décor, at your favorite retailer and you see the boxes pictured, make sure to grab pumpkins and corn stalks to support our local community. Our pumpkin this year for the 2nd annual pumpkin seed counting contest, was provided by Carlton’s Farm. Check out Caitlin’s daughter, Natalie, who has been a customer of Carlton Farm Produce since she was born picking out her pumpkin for Halloween!

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